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Hello~! My name's Kurow. Waka's my dad. Did you need something?
Hello, my name is Ushiwaka. Or simply Waka. Is there something I may help you with?
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Roleplay blog for Ushiwaka (Okami) and Kurow (Okamiden). May contain NSFW content. You have been warned.
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Your muse walks in on my muse undressing and catches the various scars along their body. What is your muses reaction? What do they do?

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My muse has been murdered violently and your muse is the first to find the body. Send me their reaction.



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@lastofthemoontribe: A grinning stranger.



Ushiwaka’s head tilts. “I mean to say, why would it be a pleasure to meet me? I’m nothing really of any importance…” he answers, blinking. 

“Au Contraire! You’re Ushiwaka!” *He straightens himself up and catches his cane under his arm after a quick spin* “Now why would you think that?” *He asked stepping towards waka quickly till they were almost nose to nose*

He blinks again, somewhat taken aback that the stranger knew his name. “…how do you know me…?” he mumbles to himself, catching himself from stepping back when the other male gets close to him. “The better question is why wouldn’t I think that?”



She laughed lightly and nodded. “Of course it’s ok.” She smiled and handed Hotei to him gently, gently taking her son’s small fist out of his mouth.

Kurow looks on with curiosity, but stays away. He doesn’t do very well around children. Waka carefully takes Hotei from his mother, cradling him close. “Hello, little one…”



Emma smiled and shifted the infant to her other arm gently. “Especially since he’s always happy and laughing.” She carefully took her hair out of her son’s tiny hand. “Careful there, sweetie..” She kissed his head gently. “Would you like to hold him?”

Kurow blinks, backing up a step and shaking his head. “No thank you…” he murmurs, biting his lip. Ushiwaka, however, gives a nod and smiles. “I would like to, if it’s really okay to do so…”